Bloody Motherfucking Asshole

When lyrics mean everything:

You say my time here has been some sort of joke
That I've been messing around
Some sort of incubating period
For when I really come around
But I'm cracking up
And you have no idea

No idea how it feels to be on your own
In your own home
With the fucking phone
And the mother of gloom
In your bedroom
Standing over your head
With her hand in your head
With her hand in your head...

Martha Wainwirght-Bloody Motherfucking Asshole


Candy for you

Darling I’ll bathe your skin
I’ll even wash your clothes
Just give me some candy, before I go!



Another great band from 2005.Hope Edward Larrikin will put some great stuff out!!


There must be angel (playing with my heart)

Florence Welch,a self described "real geek", is an avid book reader who likes to completely lose herself in weekend "adventures"

And her new single


Soulsavers ft Mark Lanegan

"I need you so,it's sin
Put an end to my suffering"

Soulsavers ft Mark Lanegan-Revival



All the way from Sweden here it is this five-girrrrl band.Lovely as the first time I listended'em and seen'em in london supporting Peter,Bjorn and John.

Those Dancing Days-Hitten(from their first EP)


Damien Rice

..ho rivisto per l'ennesima volta Closer la settimana scorsa,sempre strappalacrime.Colonna sonora da 10 e lode!!Sempre da Damien Rice una piccola gemma,cover Prince,una tra le mie canzoni preferite di sempre,sulle note dei Led Zeppelin.

Damien Rice- When Doves Cry


Dogs Die In Hot Cars

A band not to forget.before Franz,MaximoPark,Kaiser Chiefs and Futureheads became big..this is their Art-Rock!!!

And this is my favourite one from their first LP
Modern Woman


..Blondie for the Libertines generation

They disbanded in 2008.Some band member went on to join Rock City Sixteen and Ipso Facto.Too bad.

Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down



Ho scritto di Fryars un annetto fa per GenovaTune,questo è uno stralcio:

"Metto il cd nello stereo e mi trovo di fronte a quattro tracce che canticchierò, e ne sono certo anche voi appena avrete tra le mani questo gioellino,per un bel po' di tempo.Impossibile rimanere fermi ascoltando “Ides”.Ok,forse i primi secondi possono farvi venire in mente il “caro” Mika ma non preoccupatevi...é solo una questione di secondi e l'amore per Bowie e la nuova ondata electro-disco vengono fuori. L'abbandono cantato da frYars in “Ides”non potrebbe suonare più dolce e più cinico allo stesso tempo(”You should have died that very night,good job for you I wasn't born a killer”)"

Ides(demo version)


Driftin’ Pat Foley & The Dead

A very great friend and a talentous lad.Wish I could play with him in the near future.I love this song so much that I made a cover once but it went lost somewhere...you have to content yourself with the original,eheh ; )
Check his myspace
This town.MP3

Min beste hilsner and knus til dig Lasse!!!


HEFNER-Good fruit aka "You got to sort the good fruit from the bad fruit"

.."But you kissed me so, even though,
Your heart said no, so when will you phone? " In few words a tearjeaker...

Hefner-Good fruit



..estate caldosa.Da Torino a Roma in 4,io,Andre,Vinz e Lasse.Quello che il danese e il geniaccio Vinz hanno suonato è stato indimenticabile.Nella setlist c'era anche una cover di Harlan T.Bobo...che ve lo dico a fà,ascoltate semplicemente una delle più belle canzoni mai scritte e soundtrack of my lovelife.Indie-gem.

Live 2007

Harlan T Bobo - Left Your Door Unlocked.mp3



Why Lissy Trullie is the hotetst band on earth right now!!!

"With a tomboy growl and Television–ish guitar hooks, her first EP brings enough attitude to put art stars in their place. 'The notches in your belt make your pants tight!' she taunts. Then she makes those tight pants move to a bruising cover of Hot Chi
p's "Ready for the Floor." The girl can rock an after–after party." -ROLLING STONE La postina ha suonato dieci minuti fa e mi ha portato questo regalino direttamente dagli USA..
A little taste for you. Lissy Trullie - Self Taught Learner.mp3


Introducing this blog

I'll post a song,video daily..indie stuff in the terms you'll listen what I like most!
Be my guest,Benvenuto :)

Dark Night of the Soul -Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse feat.Julian Casablancas

New project of Danger Mouse and Sparklehors with some utetrly amazing guest : Julian Casablancas,Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips,Gruff Rhys,Iggy Pop,Black Francis from the Pixies Nina Persson. Album out in June but I've already had a quick listening..it's promising