The Big Pink

These girls fall like dominos...


Herman Dune...

I wish that i could see you soon
The angels go...
How long do you can't see her?
And i'm like : the sooner the better
do you really think she'll wait for you?
Well i have no way to say and there's nothing i can do


From Canada...and it's not a maple leaf

A little joy to cheer u up...

frankly dear the drifters had it right
stayed the afternoon and left at night even though we have to say goodbye

keep me in mind


The Lemonheads and the legendary Evan Dando

I Just Can't Take It Anymore / Fragile / Layin' Up With Linda / Waiting Around To Die

The Wire-Fragile


9-9-09 Beatlemania's back

Strawberry Fields forever

I am the Warlus

And your bird can sing



I made a shrine that stands here for you
I see you are an angel all the things that you do
No one knows tomorrow the future stands to find
this rockets starts ablazing so for you
I stellify...