Broken Bells

Go down to wait all night
She's bound to run him out
The rest of the nothing of any how
To each his own
The garden is sorting out
She curls her lips on a bar
I don't know if you're dead or not
If you're anyone

Come on and get the minimum
Before you open up your eyes
It's all being served in your hands
Your addled eyes
Come on and get to open yours
Collected at the borderlines
They want to get up in your hair


The Paddingtons 3X1!

The Paddingtons - What's The Point In Anything New

The Paddingtons - Panic Attack

The Paddingtons - Sorry


Nada Surf

The band is Nada Surf, and the album is called If I Had a Hi-Fi.
Why is it called that? Because it's a palindrome!


01. Electrocution (Bill Fox)
02. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
03. Love Goes On (The Go Betweens)
04. Janine (Arthur Russell)
05. You Were So Warm (Dwight Twilley)
06. Love And Anger (Kate Bush)
07. Agony Of Lafitte (Spoon)
08. Bye Bye Beaute (Coralie Clement)
09. Question (Moody Blues)
10. Bright Side (Soft Pack)
11. Evolucion (Mecromina)
12. I Remembered What I Was Going To


But with you I'd die today!

"I remember making love on a Sunday
like throwing hearts in a fresh cut grass in May
I remember making out on the airplane
Still afraid of flying, but with you I'd die today
I remember the smell of your skin forever
Love us being stupid together
You're stuck in my mind
all the time
I remember Monday making our lives gray
Still don't know what it is that I said woah
I remember thinking this would never end
Even when you're gone your eyes running through my head
You're stuck..."